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Public transport in Kiev
Renting car with driver Airport transfer
Renting car Public transport in Kiev
taxi in kiev
Taxis: There are some types of taxis: official taxis, private taxis, and private cars. Many private cars also stop to pick up passengers to earn some money, often by drivers going to work or on business. Tell or show the driver the address where you are going and ask the price. It will often be higher than normal if you are not Russian. You always should discuss the price before your trip. You can often bring the price down if you say that it is too much and begin to walk away.
Metro in Kiev
Metro: Kyiv's metro is impressive and monumental. Normally trains arrive every 2-4 minutes. The stations open at about 5:45 am. and close between midnight and 0:30 am. You can transfer from one line to the other until 0:15 am. Kyiv's metro has three lines. The cost of trip in metro is 0.5. When there are rush hours 8.00-9.00, 17.00-19.00 metro is really overcrowded so you better avoid it. See: Map of the Metro.
Public transport in Kiev
Public transport: The cost of the trip in regular bus, trolleybus or tram is 0.5 grivna and you should pay for your ticket in cash to a conductor on board. They can be overcrowded especially in "rush hours" because a lot of people (older people, etc.) travel for free. Also there are vans or minibuses, which are called "marshrutniye taksi", they have numbers and route written. They are much more comfortable and you always have a seat. If you see an approaching minibus just wave it down like a taxi. You will be charged 0.6 - 1 grivna when you board a van, then just tell the drived, where you want him to stop and drop you off.
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