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E-mail forwarding
Using our email forwarding service will save you months of time in communicating with the ladies in the former USSR. It is possible to send and receive a letter in 3-5 days (if lady replies quickly). Regular postal will take a minimum of 30-40 days round trip and it can be lost in away. You may use International Express mail it takes 3-5 days but the costs is $18 to most countries.

So we offer you to send letters using our email first of all it is surely, secondly very few ladies have access to email address or internet in the ex-soviet countries, at last it is very expensive for most of them.

The ladies typically earn is $30 - $50 per month, don't ask the lady to pay, PLEASE BE GENTLEMAN! If you don't wish the lady to reply to you through our service, i.e. you'd prefer she wrote you directly to your home address by post, then say her about it in your letter.

If a lady has languages ability of 1, 2, 3, then you need to ensure translate letters (your and her answer). Ladies with languages ability 4 or 5 don't require translation. If you don't select translation and don't paid for it and lady can not write in English (French, German etc.), then you will receive a letter written in Russian.

Translation is charged at $8 per 650 words.

If you are going to write to a number of ladies then membership works out much cheaper.


1. You need to register with us, before we can process mail to/from ladies.
2. You click button on lady's detailed page and type your letter in new opened window or you type letter to lady of your choice in you favorite e-mail programm and send it to us to: Place her name, ID # at the foto. Under her address details, you must place your Name, address and client ID number. You get it when you buy anything from the site. Letter should be sent in plain text format ONLY, included letter text in the body of the email and not as a Microsoft Word (or other Wordprocessor) attachment.
3. When we receive your letter we translate it if you would like a letter translated from Russian to English, or English to Russian. It costs of $8 per typed page with a one page minimum (650 words per page), additional words are 1 cent each. Many ladies don't speak English well and can not translate letters, so letters translated in Russian generate far more replies than those without translation.
4. You can send the same introduction letter to many ladies, and will only be charged for translation once provided you write to all of the ladies in the SAME email, and the letter is the SAME for each lady.
5. If you don't need translation service we will simply to send your letters and her replies by email. It costs of $2 each.
6. Your letter that we received by email for lady from other city (where we haven't office) and if lady hasn't email address we can send this letter by registered mail. It costs usually $5 each letter.
7. We also allow you to send photos in JPEG format with max file size of 100Kb. Larger attachments will be rejected by our e-mail server. To print your photo in Black and White costs $2 each. To print them in Color costs $4 each with each email letter that you send.
8. So, if you decide that you would like to use this service, you have to place some funds into your account. Each time that we send a letter for you we will deduct the cost from your account. When the account is low or empty you can send us whatever additional funds that you would like to replenish the account. If the account has insufficient funds, mail can not be processed from either you or ladies wishing to write you, so we suggest you always keep a small balance available.
9. You will receive a receipt when the mail has been processed and posted. We STRONGLY suggest that you send mail using ONLY registered post, as a lot of mail, especially from foreign countries, goes missing in the Russian postal service. Our mail is posted from inside the former USSR, so does not get opened by postal workers looking for US dollars, as some international mail does.

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